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Dee Jumbie Dance: A Resurrection


Based on JUMBIE, the performance Jamal Gerald created, which resurrected the Jumbie dance of Montserrat. Part ritual, part party, part sex dungeon - and fully WTF. Although never presented to an audience, it will now remain archived.

A chaotic, playful and naughty artist book. Including Jumbie stories, essays, reflections, photography and artistic responses. Highlighting the research and creative process, queerness, BDSM, ancestry and healing.

A lost dance. A lost show. A story.

Contributors: Lee Affen, Mele Broomes,
Rosie Elnile, Khadijah Ibrahiim and Ajamu X.

Edited by Kadish Morris
Design & Illustrations by Olivia Williams (Liv Will Design)
Cover Design & Typesetting by Katie McLean
Cover Images: The Other Richard

Produced by Dudaan. Supported by the Jerwood New Work Fund, The Writing Squad and Theatre in the Mill.

Published by Live Art Development Agency



18+ (Content warning: nudity, sexual content and BDSM)

ISBN: 978-1-916519-00-8

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